Why Traditional Marketing is Failing Businesses

Everyday more and more businesses go out of business because they fail to adapt and the number one killer of businesses in this digital age is sticking to Traditional methods of marketing.

As a result many business are wasting tens of thousands of dollars on marketing strategies that have no traceable results and their target audience is not paying attention to


In today’s day and age there is no doubt that there has been a shift in consumer habits and the channels by which to reach them.


What was once a News Paper is Now a Blog.


What was once a TV show is now a YouTube, Hulu or Netflix Series.


What was once a letter or postcard is now a quick Email.


What was once driving past a Billboard is now a google search to a Website.


What was once Radio is now Podcasts, Spotify, and Pandora.



To keep it simple the reason Traditional Methods of advertising are failing are because


1) It Can’t Be Tracked Very Well

Without a way to truly track the results of your marketing, you can’t gain insight on things that need to be tweaked.



2)Results Are Slow

With things like Facebook ads and google ads the moment that you turn it on you can start seeing data and within 72 Hours have a solid idea of things to tweak and change to improve the effectiveness of the ad. You can even see who is interacting with your ad and where to focus future ad sets. Unlike traditional channels such as magazine and newspaper based ads you’re at the mercy of the magazine publisher when it comes to when the ad is printed and the data they give you about their audience demographic.



3)Your Customers Are Spending More Time Elsewhere

Let’s just flat out be honest, times are changing when was the last time that you picked up a newspaper vs going online to get news updates. When was the last time that you mailed a letter to a friend vs just sending an email or a message on Facebook. Nowadays television viewers just skip the ads with a DVR or simply look at their phone in between the commercials.



Let’s be real times are changing and those that fail to adapt unfortunately get left behind. So the question remains.

Why in the World Are Businesses Sticking to These Decaying Methods?

The answer is quite simple, Sadly most businesses are flat out afraid to adopt new ideas or don’t have the slightest clue where to start.


Look you don’t have to know how to run every digital ad and traditional methods of marketing aren’t completely dead, but now is the time to flip the switch and start working with a Digital Marketing Agency like The Digital Donkey and start diversifying your marketing strategy to include digital advertising channels such as Video Ads on YouTube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Podcasts etc. You don’t have to go “All In” but you need to get started because Digital isn’t going anywhere any time soon and before you know it you may look up tomorrow and realize that it’s too late to be remotely competitive.

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