Q&A: Facebook Personal Page vs Business Page Post Engagement


Today’s question comes in from a friend of ours on Facebook, and with all of the recent Facebook algorithm updates it is one that’s ever so relevant.



Question of the Day: Is it better to post on your personal timeline and then share to a business page if you want more engagement or post directly on a business page?



This is a great question that surprisingly comes up a lot!



The Short Answer Is….

posting on your personal page will give you more engagement/impressions out the gate.


The Long Answer Is…..

It depends on your overall strategy….. So allow me to elaborate.



Put it like this, if you plan to run ads behind it then post it on your business page and share it to your personal.

Initially impressions(eyeballs/views) and engagement will be lower due to the new algorithm, but you can increase impressions/engagement with paid ads

(I’m not talking about that silly “boost post” button lol) In the case of videos you can take advantage of the analytics behind it when running a re-targeting campaign

(view length in particular-This allows you to create a custom audience based on who viewed your video and for how long).


*Hint: This is where things are going for business pages. If you’re not using business manager, get on that train as soon as possible.


On the other hand, if you post it to your personal page you will get solid number of impressions and in turn see more engagement, but won’t have the benefit of running an ad showing that social proof. (ie, the number of likes the post got, the comments, and in the case of video the views tied to said video)


Depending on the situation and the client I like to use a combination of both.


In my situation, many of my Facebook friends are either friends, prospects, and/or clients. I’ll get the ball rolling on my personal page and tag the business page, let things die down a bit then upload the content to the business page and run ads behind it, that way I can get an idea of what people like before running putting the money behind it with ad spend.


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