Facebook Ads

If you're NOT using Facebook Ads, just know that your competition IS!

Top 3 Reasons You Need To Leverage Facebook Ads

Over 2 Billion People

Highly Scalable

Low Cost Per Lead

Quick Facebook Stats


2 Billion+ Users

As of 2017 There are More Than 2 Billion Users on Facebook, Never before have we been able to reach these individuals in such a targeting manner. These are all people that could be seeing your ads!


Digital News Source

More than 62% of adults on facebook use it as a news source


Organic Reach is Declining

Facebook is pushing companies towards it's ad platform. On average only ~33% of your followers see your facebook post and after 1000+ followers that percentage keeps decreasing.


Daily Visitors

70% of people that use facebook, do so on a daily basis.

Your Business Can Benefit From Facebook Ads

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